The Forge Network

Cryptocurrency for everyone.

Community first

ForgeNet aims to bring users a complete, decentralised cryptocurrency ecosystem. By that, we mean, that the aim is to bring users a cryptocurrency that does not cater to any one niche group. We cater to the whole populace. We wish to be truly community driven. Usability, mobility, ease of use, quick transactions, low fees, and mobile staking are the first things we wish to bring to our community.

Mining made easy

We present a PoW (ended at block 10,000 – it was meant to kickstart and boost our initial network process) and PoS hybrid. We strive to bring the users quick transaction speeds along with low fees, private transactions, full nodes and mobile nodes, mobile staking, a thriving marketplace, and an all-inclusive mobile app. A truly mobile cryptocurrency for a generation that is on the go.

All inclusive

We aren’t forgetting those who still use their personal computers. We will still remain focused and up to date on all Linux and Windows tools with Mac concepts being considered and web wallets for those who need it. Our goal is to make this the go-to for all. What we offer is bringing as much as possible to the table and centralizing it into one cryptocurrency, all the while, ensuring ease-of-use for everyone.

FRG wallet

Introducing Forge coin

The Forge Network is an all-inclusive ecosystem aiming to bring together all of the demands of the community into a single cryptocurrency powered by the Forge coin. This is only the beginning. The vision and possibilities with ForgeNet are limitless.

Circ. supply
21,137,244 (Feb. 23rd, 2018)
Total supply
100,275,000 FRG
ICO supply
10,000,000 FRG


  1. GitHub March 3 2018

    Our GitHub account can be found here:

  2. Server Reboot April 29 2018

    Servers are being systematically rebooted today. You should not see any interruptions.

  3. Network Update April 11 2018

    A small update is being pushed to the network today. This not require you to update your wallets. Those experiencing sync issues should see them resolved, just reboot your wallet. 🙂

  4. Happy Holidays! April 1 2018

    To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

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