The Forge Network

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Important Announcement

On October 1st, 2018 we will begin issuing refunds on all coins purchased from the Forge Shop as development of our marketplace and products has missed its’ target and those coins hold no currency value within the eco-system as we originally intended, within the timeframe we originally intended. There have been many challenges this year that have set the project back as many of the technologies the team have attempted to build and integrate have fallen short and the current core Forge codebase will likely need to receive large overhauls to adapt, which will push the project further out. I do feel the proper thing to do, as I cannot promise when any future releases will occur, is to get your crypto back into your hands. This refund process will run from October 1st, 2018 through November 30th, 2018 in-which during this time you will see your original crypto deposited back into the wallet it was sourced from. Any issues regarding access to your original wallet you purchased Forge coins from will need to be sent to from the original email you registered with which may result in a delay in your refund beyond the period stated for verification purposes. I want to thank everyone who purchased coins and I want to thank those who believed in the project. I respect those who have had emotions and I understand your concerns. I still hope one day Forge will be something folks can be proud of, but for now I’m officially taking development offline until much progress has been made. If and when I feel that time is ready, we will give this another shot. Until then, goodluck in your endeavors and may you be prosperous.
– Chuck / Beard
FRG wallet

Introducing Forge coin

The Forge Network is an all-inclusive ecosystem aiming to bring together all of the demands of the community into a single cryptocurrency powered by the Forge coin. This is only the beginning. The vision and possibilities with ForgeNet are limitless.

Circ. supply
21,137,244 (Feb. 23rd, 2018)
Total supply
100,275,000 FRG
ICO supply
10,000,000 FRG


  1. GitHub March 3 2018

    Our GitHub account can be found here:

  2. Server Reboot April 29 2018

    Servers are being systematically rebooted today. You should not see any interruptions.

  3. Network Update April 11 2018

    A small update is being pushed to the network today. This not require you to update your wallets. Those experiencing sync issues should see them resolved, just reboot your wallet. 🙂

  4. Happy Holidays! April 1 2018

    To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

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